Posted by: mrborden | June 3, 2018

Final Exam week

A time to say aloha , which means neither hello or goodbye , as I am sure we will see each other again next school year ..have a wonderful and safe summer

Biology – this section is mandated by district to meet the health requirements for high school, any student opting out of in class presentations will have to investigate on their own about STDs and write a 6-8 page paper typed dbl spaced about HIV , transmission , and techniques to avoid acquiring this disease
June 4 2018
Due by finals plus google classroom assignments

QFD : Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.
?FD : Determine 3 reasons why teenagers don’t use protection
Learning Objective: students will know and be able to understand how various stds affect the human body, the STDs  affects on the individuals body systems, and the adverse affects by creating a poster, video, and brochure about an assigned abused drug. By the end of this week
1) Std project Google classroom. Videos
2) posters , brochures and presentations @ Stds

3) you will research one of the following STDs for a presentation in class that will include the same parameters as the last project assignment for anti drugs

Chlamydia , herpes, hepatitis , syphilis, crabs, HIV, gonorhea, HPV, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, hepatitis B

Requirements **** BE SPECIFIC

how many teens have stds, and how many adults have contracted it 

how does this disease affect the body both short and long term

what are the symptoms of the disease

can you die from this disease – how, what organs are affected

what are the main stages of the disease

explain how the disease affect men and women

include pictures

June 6-8 final exam schedule every day 8:05 – 12:50
June 6 periods 1+4
June 7 periods 2+5
June 8 periods 3+6

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