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Welcome back to school new Rattlers!
We are all very lucky to be apart of this learning community at this beautiful new school. We need to respect our new campus, each other, and all those who step onto our campus.
I went scuba diving for the first time ever and there was a shark next to me lol. (no – I wasn’t afraid and yes I took the picture) I also kissed a dolphin, but I wont admit it if asked…..


Mr. Borden Room 664 Biology CP
I am excited about this year, the new common core standards, and teaching Biology.
The first week of class I will be going over the course description, rules and procedures, expectations, grading, lab format, personality inventory, and trying to learn your names! Make sure you bookmark this site as it will contain all your work for the year in a weekly format.
Sept 3 2013 25 min periods (Write)
QFD: If life gives you lemons make lemonade – Anon (Write)
?FD: Are you prepared for the common core standards and the rigor that is expected? (Answer)
Objective: Students should know and be able to understand where they will be seated and the rules and expectations for this class (write)
WOD: Metacognition ( look it up on your cell phone and help the person next to you) (write)
1) roll ( elect a time keeper)
2) seating chart
3) if time Mr. Borden’s Bio
Sept 4 2013 late start day (Wed)45 min period
QFD: In the land of the blind the one eye is king – Anon
?FD: Name 3 things you would like to know this year and write them in a complete sentence.
Objective: Students will know and be able to understand: the rules, procedures and expectations for this class and the expectations of common core and a performing arts school
1) Roll (write QFD, Answer ?FD and then write the objective)
2) Course description and class expectations
3) Common Core expectations
4) performing arts school

Sept 5 2013
QFD: It is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt – Anon
?FD: Name 3 rules or expectations of this class
Course description: Students will know and be able to understand: the rules, procedures and expectations for this class, lab safety guidelines and techniques for Cornell notes in a biology class
1) collect parent signatures
2) lab safety guidelines and Cornell Notes
**** Lab Safety Guidelines and Cornell Notes
Cornell Notes are used to emphasize the main ideas of text, lectures and visuals. You must first read the entire text before you decide the most important concepts to write in your notes. Avoid using long sentences. You may use bullet points, abbreviations, symbols, or pictures to demonstrate the main ideas in your notes. I will demonstrate the proper technique used before I assign into a group of 4 students. You will only have 10 minutes to finish this assignment
1) Groups of 4 – 1 timer, 1 writer, 1 reader, 1 presenter
2) Students will read assigned lab safety rules and write 3-5 of the most important ideas/concepts on paper provided using a Cornell note format to be shared with entire class. ( write neatly and big)
3) After 10 minutes Group 1 will present their findings to the class while the class writes down their main ideas into their notebook. All groups will then proceed (2-10) , until all groups have presented.
4) Once all groups are finished, you will fill out the remaining questions, take the lab safety handout home and you and your parent or guardian will sign it and bring it back to class by next Monday. ( 20 points) Do you understand? Any Questions?
Group 1 (#1,2,4,5) Group 2 (#6,7,8,9,11) Group 3 (#13,15,16,17) Group 4 (#19,20,21,22) Group 5 (#23,24,25,27) Group 6 (#29,32,33,34) Group 7 (#37,38,40) Group 8 (#41,44,45) Group 9 (#46,47,48)
Group 10 (#52,53,54,55)
Sept 6 2013
QFD:If your not part of the solution, you are part of the problem – Anon
?FD: Name 3 important lab safety guidelines by writing a perfect paragraph 3-5 sentences (spelled correctly)
Objective: Students will know and be able to understand: The names of their fellow students and what personality type they are
1) Personality inventory
2) Lab safety cartoon and questions
3) Power of 10 Video + questions
3) Scientific method (If time)


1) List 3 Unsafe activities and explain 2) List 3 correct activities 3) What should Bob do after the accident 4) How could sue have avoided the accident? 5) Compare Luke and Dukes lab techniques 6) What are 3 things shown in this cartoon that shouldn’t be in a lab? 7) compare Joe and Carl’s techniques 8) List 3 safety items shown in the cartoon 9) What is betty doing wrong? 10) Write this statement on the bottom of your paper, ” I agree to use safe and logical lab techniques during any lab this year” then sign your name.





  1. Hey when do you come to school so i can give you my biodom it’s getting cold

  2. Hey mr Borden i thought you checked this all the time

  3. Hey Borden when you get to school can you let me in so i can take a test for you because i cant come after school

  4. Yes

    • Ok. Cool um when you getting here

  5. I wanted write down the correct answers for the test we took on Thursday but it won’t let me view the answers I got wright and wrong. What do I do?

  6. Hey i left my Spanish papers in your room can i get them

  7. When are the presents due

  8. Mr Borden how long did my biome survive – mason 6 period

    • I don’t know the project was for 14 days . Did the animal and plant both survive?

  9. Mr.borden may I retake the test I have been having a really bad week , my dog had to get put down the other day and I can’t get it together lately . Diego Frias p.6

    • It’s late,I’m very sorry to hear that , yes that may be a possibility

      • Thanks , if possible can I retake it tomorrow after school because I have to go after school today

  10. Mr.borden when we finish our 1-22 questions do we just put it in our folder or do we share it to you as well?

    • Yes u must share to get a grade , I put the link it needs to be shared in on the google classroom site

      • Oh alright thank you (:

  11. Mr.Borden in google classroom is the two handouts the ones we have to do for home do I have to do 5 pages per handout Am i correct or incorrect? ^⁻^

    • No there was only 6 total assignments due

  12. Do you have a grading sheet for the anti drug videos

    • It’s the one I handed out to you , and it’s on Google classroom

  13. I emailed you by the way cause I couldn’t figure this comment thing out.

    • Sorry didn’t look at email, what do you need help with? Chemistry lol

  14. my dang animal is lame and I have run out of things to talk about. So I don’t think I can get 2 in there

    • nvm I’m giving up

      • Try another animal , it isn that hard to figure out what to write as I told you today … I can help u in class tomorrow

  15. Hey Mr. Borden. I’m in your fourth period class and I was just wondering why my living vs non living assignment was graded as a zero. I asked you if sharing it with you was ok and you said it was. I shared it with you so I don’t understand. Please get back to me because I don’t want to see that I have a C+ in my favorite class.

    • I’m sorry , yes it was shared and I will change the grade tomorrow .. No worries ..

  16. Borden the webquest isn’t opening I only have an I pad so maybe that’s the problem because it’s not a laptop or pc but still it keeps saying error can not open

    • Sorry was at store .. You have tomorrow to finish as well . I wil check them site ..did u Download it from Google ? Or are you signed in to google

      • Thank you I shall work extra hard to finish tomorrow

      • No ..Monday

  17. Is the disease power point due tomorrow

  18. Mr. Borden what are we suppose to have on our booklet: Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis?

    • Pictures w perfect paragraphs to match except for ribosomes and DNA

      • What are the perfect paragraphs suppose to be about?

  19. Perfect paragraphs are about each other pictures as they relate to photosynthesis and cellular respiration

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