Posted by: mrborden | June 18, 2013

The Train Ride

january 262

The Train Ride
Dedicated to my Mother- Nancy Borden 8/4/39 – 6/10/13

Our lives are comparable to a train ride. Interesting comparison, because our lives are full of embrarkment’s and disembarkment’s , some are happy and joyful, others are sad and tragic. When we are born we embark on the train to join our parents, and then our siblings, then our friends and finally our new families. We will ride with them side by side but sadly we learn that our parents will probably disembark in a station before us. Despite this, we must continue on our train ride where friends, husbands and wives, children and different people will embark on our train. Many of these people will only ride with us for a brief time but will leave irreplaceable, everlasting memories of love and friendship. Others will choose to sit on the train quietly by themselves without ever being noticed. Still others , will choose to sit away from us but we soon learn that although they sit away from us on a different train car, we are still traveling together.

The train ride is full of dreams, passions, hopes, surprises, arrivals and departures, but, it is always a one way trip. We ride this train and in our journey we try to be the best that we can to all the passengers that have joined us and those that chose to sit next to us in our ride.

The biggest mystery in our train ride is that we do not know what station we will disembark and when we do, will the passengers we leave behind feel sadness? How can we leave our parents, children, friends, husbands and wives, to ride the train by themselves. Our biggest hope is that we will someday reunite in the main station and will experience the joyous emotion of seeing each other again knowing that we have learned and are more experienced than we were when we first started on our ride together.

And now, the train slows down at the next station. Who will disembark and who will embark. Our excitement and disappointment builds up as the train comes to a stop, as we realize that new passengers will be onboard, and some will sadly leave. Let us give thanks to those that have ridden with us and let us be grateful that we were able to sit together and experience this journey with each other. We realize that sometimes we were not able to always sit next to each other on this fabulous and wonderful ride, but that we were always riding on this glorious journey together.

Mom, Thank you for allowing me to be a passenger on your train



  1. That’s a good way to put life mborden ill start to see that way thank you

    • Yes it is, and thank you for noticing it !

      • I always read these things when I get the email haha have a good Sumer mrb see you next year 🙂

  2. Wow Ur mother was a buetiful woman mrborden

  3. When are the presents due

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