Posted by: mrborden | March 18, 2013

Week 26 ESS 3 Test and Projects

March 18 2013
QFD: Texas has no speed limits on the freeways and no mountains. Mr B ( I went to the natural science museum and also to a rock and gem store and bought a wooly mammoth tooth – yesterday)
?FD: Will you try to behave for the sub and try your best on the CST mirror test?
Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of ESS 3abcdef by completing a 45 question test that is worth 450 points or 10 points per question. Students will prepare for this test by studying for an hour each night.
1) Textbook assignment – Write down the question and the answer to #1-15 from the chapters about
platectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, and Rock Cycle into your notebook
2) CST mirror test 2 days



  1. i started my progect on volcanoes i am going to make it out of plaster or clay

    • Good to here that, I hopefully will be back at school this Friday, Remember you need to build 2 volcanoes, one steep and explosive and one gentle sloped and non explosive

      • so i have to make it explode

      • no, it just needs to look like it lol

  2. hey borden, i hope things are going good with your mom…anyways i was wondering instead of doing the rock cycle for my project can i do a plate boundaries?

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