Posted by: mrborden | April 22, 2012

Final Exam (3-4 days) and Cell Biology

Monday April 23 – Thurs April 26
QFD:The vow that binds too strictly snaps itself. ~Alfred Lord Tennyson
?FD: Did you study for the Final Exam?
Objective:To demonstrate an understanding of all of the Earth Science Standards by passing the Final Exam with a 70% or greater.
1) Final Exam Day 1 (1500 points)
Draw, Color, and label the Animal and Plant cell pg 73 + 74 in green book




  1. i thought the cst was pretty easy for science.

  2. to be honest the finals were more difficult then the cst

    • Good, Daniel, because then you were well prepared, and if I have high expectations for all of you, then you will meet life with a much greater success, and Biology lol

  3. what is the homework tonight.

    • redo the quiz for you for a better grade

  4. hey borden i finished my pop up book.

  5. i know i missed some parts in the pop out book,but know i fixed it

  6. the cst’s were way easier then the finals but also i kinda geussed on the finals

  7. A small/medium star will be born in a nebula, at its end cycle it will turn to a red giant, onto a nova and turn into a white dwarf, it also has to more stages.After it turns into a white dwarf it turns into a brown dwarf and finally onto a black dwarf
    A giant star will turn onto a red giant, a super nova, and onto a neutron star
    A super giant star will turn into a super giant and down to a black hole.

  8. comparing the life cycles of medium size star,giant star, supergiant medium red giant planetary rebula white dwarf black dwarf giant super red giant super nebula neuton supergiant supergiant black hole

  9. I liked how the video showed how it talked about a pulsar and it being sucked in by a black hole. The pulsar is so hot it strips down the hydrogen and turns it into a oxygen, iron, calcium, and silicon.

  10. MED -> Red Giant -> Planetary Nebula -> White Dwarf -> Black Dwarf.
    Giant -> Super Giant -> Nova.
    Super Giant -> Black Hole.

  11. A super massive giant star make a black hole. A super giant makes a super nova. A giant star make a nova.

  12. Mr.Borden, are we suppose to write our mars project on our website or on a piece of paper?

    • on the website , please

  13. Hey mr borden i watched your video in the star growth in 6 min it was ok but the music was creepy

    • sorry brian, I do my best to find exciting videos but not all are great

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