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Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions

Fri Feb 24
QFD: You learn something every day if you pay attention. ~Ray LeBlond
?Fd: Write down everthing you know about volcanoes?
ESS3e. Students know there are two kinds of volcanoes: one kind with violent eruptions producing steep slopes and the other kind with voluminous lava flows producing gentle slopes
1) finish all work for week
2) Draw volcano pictures and write 1 paragraph about each
3) Earthquake Safe House picture and floor plan
4) escape plan 20 pts EC Write a page paper explaining your plan for evacuaation
Thurs Feb 23

QFD: They kill good trees to put out bad newspapers. ~James G. Watt
?FD: How many minutes did you study for the test last night?
Objective: To demonstrate knowledge of Earth science standards 3abd
1) 300 points 30 questions exam
2) Visual of volcano types (Draw all 3 types and write the description of each below the pictures)
PAGE 195 in new/your book,or Page 361 in old book (You must write the entire description of volcano types from page 360/361 if you use the old book)

Wed Feb 22
QFD: I’m not an environmentalist. I’m an Earth warrior. ~Darryl Cherney
?FD:What type of boundary is the mid ocean ridge?
Objective: 3ABD
1) Test questions and study quide
The Aleutian islands off the shore of Alaska are an arc-shaped chain of small volcanic islands called a volcanic island arc. Which type of convergent boundary process formed these islands?

A oceanic-continental 
C continental-continental

B oceanic-oceanic 
D seafloor spreading

Seafloor spreading happens along what type of plate boundary?

A convergent 
B divergent 
C San Andres 
D subduction

Which of the following would be considered a convergent boundary?

A two oceanic plates spreading away from each other

B an oceanic lithosphere diving beneath another plate

C a continental plate spreading away from another continental plate

D a continental plate grinding along side another continental plate

What type of zone occurs when one oceanic plate is forced down into the mantle beneath a second plate?

A plummeting 
B submersion 
C subduction 
D inferior

The East African rift valley is an example of which type of plate boundary?

A subduction zone 
B transform 
C convergent 
D divergent

Which of the following would be considered a transform fault boundary?

A Himalayan Mountains 
C Mount St. Helens

B East African Rift Valley 
D San Andreas Fault

19 Which type of plate boundary would create a rift valley?

A divergent 
B convergent 
C transform 
D uniform

When two continental plates converge together, what type of geographic formation will be the result?

A rift valleys 
B island arcs 
C trenches 
D folded mountains

The __________ of an earthquake is a qualitative measurement of the amount of DAMAGE caused by the earthquake.

A Richter scale 
B magnitude 
C intensity 
D epicenter

The __________ of an earthquake is a quantitative measurement of the amount of energy released at the source of the earthquake.

A intensity 
B magnitude 
C Richter scale 
D epicenter

The point at which earthquakes are more likely to occur is known as the __________.

A Richter line 
B stress line 
C compression point 
D fault line

How many types of seismic waves does a seismogram illustrate?

A 1 
B 3 
C 4 
D 10

What is the minimum number of seismographs needed in order to find the exact location of an earthquake’s epicenter?

A 1 
B 2 
C 3 
D None

When reading a seismogram, which are the first waves to arrive?

A S waves 
B surface waves 
C P waves 
D foreshocks

An earthquake is produced when the slippage of rocks occurs at a weak point in the ground. What is that weak point called?

A focus 
B epicenter 
C fault 
D foreshock

What is happening when an earthquake occurs on a convergent plate boundary?

A two plates are colliding together

B two plates are dividing apart

C two plates are grinding past each other in a side-by-side motion

D two plates move together to form a mid-ocean ridge

Which of the following faults was responsible for the 1906 San Francisco earthquake?

A San Jacinto 
B San Andreas 
C Oakland 
D Simi Valley

The epicenter of an earthquake is located __________.

A at the same depth of the focus 
C directly under the focus

B directly above the focus 
D beneath the earth’s crust

What dynamic process produces new oceanic lithosphere?

A sea floor spreading 
C erosion of ocean ridges

B underwater volcanoes 
D deep sea thermal venting

What is one way that mid–ocean ridges provide evidence of sea floor spreading?

A Rocks at the crest of the ridge are young; rocks found further from the crest are older.

B Rocks all along the ridges are a consistent age.

C Rocks at the crest of the ridge are old; rocks found further from the crest are younger.

D Rocks at the crest of the ridge are much hotter than rocks found elsewhere.

Seafloor spreading is the process by which plate tectonics

A produce new oceanic lithosphere.

B save old oceanic lithosphere.

C spread at convergent plate boundaries.

D spread at a subduction zone.

At the Mid–Atlantic Ridge, plates are moving __________.

A away from each other 
C beneath each other

B towards each other 
D along side each other

Scientists discovered strips of rocks having alternating polarity, which were found as mirror images across the ocean ridges.

The sentence above provides evidence for

A changes in ocean currents. 
C plate tectonics.

B a nonexistent magnetic field. 
D a permanent magnetic field.

With evidence of seafloor spreading, __________ form at sites of plate convergence where one moving plate descends beneath another and plunges back into the mantle.

A hydrothermal vents 
C mid-ocean ridges

B guyots 
D deep ocean trenches

With the sediment from ocean drilling, scientists found that the youngest oceanic crust is located at __________.

A continental margins 
C bottom of oceanic trenches

B ridge crests 
D subduction zones

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is __________ at a rate of about 2.5cm per year.

A converging 
C spreading

B creating submarine canyons 
D creating hot spots

Scientists use the topography of the ocean floor to support the idea of seafloor spreading. Which of the following would allow scientists to study the topography of the ocean floor?

A continental shapes and fault lines 
C airplanes and boats

B surface water temperature and tidal patterns 
D sonar and satellites

The diagram above shows the “zebra stripe” pattern of alternating magnetic fields on the surface of the ocean floor. Which of the following BEST explains how this symmetric pattern of alternating magnetic fields formed?

A tectonic plates spreading released magma which cooled in a pattern that matched the Earth’s magnetic field at the time

B tectonic plate convergence causes the Earth’s magnetic field to change, leading to symmetrical bands of positive and negative fields

C active underwater volcanoes erupt, releasing positively or negatively charged magma along both sides of the volcano

D deep water currents cause erosion on the seafloor, which occurs in regular, symmetric patterns that match the Earth’s magnetic field

A tectonic plate boundary that occurs when two plates grind past each other without the production or destruction of lithosphere is a __________.

A convergent boundary 
C divergent boundary

B transform fault boundary 
D major plate

A tectonic plate boundary that occurs when two plates move together and collide into each other is called a __________.

A convergent boundary 
C divergent boundary

B transform fault boundary 
D major plate

Tues Feb 21
QFD: Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why. ~Bernard Baruch
?FD: Name the 3 types of seismic waves and the order they travel to the surface
Objective: ESS3d. Students know why and how earthquakes occur and the scales used to measure their intensity and magnitude
1) collect/check work (Map of your living area is due by Friday) Seating chart
2) Plotting the epicenter of an earthquake
3)test preparation for 3ABD
Earthquake websites
Earthquake preparedness kit
local Map of gemstones
Gold map



  1. ayo how we pose 2 take the test online? ima just print it nd turn it in tmmrw if i could. do i get exttra credit 4 ritin a commet?
    michael whetsell

    • No you will take the test in class. You cannot take it at home, sorry Michael. And im sorry you must comment on a video or make a post about what we learn in class to receive extra credit. Do your worksheet and i will give you credit and you must spell correectly and use proper english, like a perfect paragraph

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