Posted by: mrborden | September 5, 2011

The Universe and the Milky Way Galaxy

The Universe: Write a perfect paragraph describing the history of the Universe.

Write a perfect paragraph describing our location in the milky way galaxy and the history of our galaxy. What is a black hole?

Write a perfect paragraph to describe the difference in size of our galaxy compared to other nearby galaxies

745 Define all Key terms using complete sentences, complete bubble map (organizing Information)
747 Complete question # 22,23, 25-29

Define the following words, If you know the word write it in a complete sentence. After you are finished choose 3-5 words to use in a paragraph.

1) Binary star 2) constellation 3) Nebula 4)Galaxy 5) Red Shift 6) Big Bang 7) apparent magnitude 8) absolute magnitude 9) Parallax 10) Nuclear Fusion
11) protostar 12) black hole 13) main sequence star 14) supernova 15) spectroscope

Perfect paragraph: (50) points
Write a paragraph explaining why Astronomers find the H-R Diagram useful
(Use 3 of the following words in your paragraph: size, color, brightness, temperature, mass, energy, giant star, white dwarf, black hole)

Quiz – HR Diagram
Please place the appropriate number onto your HR Diagram

1) On the coolest star on your ( so place a #1 on the star on your colored diagram
2) The Brightest star
3) The dimmest star
4) the hottest star
5) the Hottest bright star
6) The coolest dim star
7) Sun
8) Polaris
9) Betelgeuse
10) Sirius A
question 11
questions 12-16 were #2-6 on this worksheet
17) Name a main sequence star ?
18) Where are stars born ?
19) How old is the Universe ?
20) What is the name of our galaxy ?



  1. where are the rest of the questions? questions 11-20…for the quiz? :]

    • wait nevermind i found them…:D

    • now on the bottom of the web blog, sorry i thought you wrote them down in class

  2. nevermind again…i still havent found them:/

    • ok, glad you found them complete them and give them to me on monday.

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