Posted by: mrborden | May 15, 2011

DNA Replication, Transcription, and Translation/Moles

Biology Day in Computer Lab May 20th
1) go to www. and explore 5 different cell parts
2) Go to your Ocean Website and add a page titled “Biology”
Search for pictures on the internet that look close to ones you drew and post them onto your webpage.
3) Write 20 words that explains the cell parts and their function under each picture
4) find pictures of DNA replication, transcription,and translation, post on web page
5) Place the words written on your papers under the pictures

DNA Replication
DNA Replication and RNA transcription

Codon Bingo
DNA Cutout
Calculating Moles




  1. mr.borden the papers we got today to color were they due today or tmrrw?

  2. mr borden r those papers we were coloring today were they due today or tmrrw?

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