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Volcanic Eruption Papers

Project – Prove you understand the California Earth Science Standards by writing and building a visual representation: Write 250 words on a standard and build a project. Due by Wed. 300 points You must include the Standard from 3 to www. and click the California Earth Science Standards link located at the top middle of the page. Scroll down to Earth Science which is the last subject and look for standard 3 if you did not copy the standards on Thursday or Friday from the board.

Paper Update

Most of your papers are completely wrong because they are not about volcanic eruptions or a legend. Most of your papers are telling a story between people and are not about volcanoes. There is not one paper that I have read so far that is entirely spelled correctly. I will let you fix them but I have lowered grades accordingly.

Here is an example I wrote this morning in about 20 minutes. You should be able to write one this week!

Click picture to watch Mt Borden Explode!

The Legend of Mt. Borden

In the beginning of time, in a land far, far away there lived a tribe leader who was a master at science and magic. His Name was Mr. Borden and he loved the people in his tribe very much. The village, which was named Cat City, had many animals and the town and the people were very prosperous. The crops produced food because the soil was fertile due the position of the town. Cat City rested next to a giant steep mountain.
One day the people began to get sick and some of the older people in the village began to die, which had never happened before. Mr. Borden performed some experiments and decided that he needed some crystals made from Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires to cure the people. Mr. Borden also knew that in order to get the special powerful crystals he needed to erupt a explosive cinder cone volcano, which could kill many animals, trees, and people. So one day Mr. Borden climbed up the mountain to the top and noticed that gases were being released from a hole at the top of the mountain that resided next to Cat City. Mr. Borden gathered the animals together to discuss his plan so they could warn others what Mr. Borden was planning to do, which was to activate the great mountain into a giant powerful and destructive volcano which would produce beautiful and powerful crystals needed to heal the people of Cat City.
Mr. Borden led the villagers away from the volcano to the land of Desert Hot Springs that was at the transform boundary between the 2 cities. This was also volatile ground because the ground shakes a lot in this city due to seismic activity and waves being created by the strange inhabitants of the city. The people in Desert Hot Springs were friendly and helped the people of Cat City. Mr. Borden then told the people to remember him fondly when looking at the volcano and that they may never see him again. This news brought tears to many and smiles to a few. Mr. Borden warned the villages to be nice people and to not make war on one another because he would know and cause the volcano to erupt again.
Mr. Borden then went back to the empty village of Cat City and left instructions for the people on how to use the crystals to heal their sick. He then gathered all of the magic powder that he could carry and started his climb up the mountain. On his way up the hill, a bear and a giant panther asked if they could come with him on his journey. He told the animals, “ It may be very dangerous and there is a good chance we wont come down this mountain alive“. They insisted on helping Mr. Borden, because their children were also sick and they wanted to help.
That night, everyone in the village woke up due to the tremendous shaking of the ground and then heard a huge roar coming from the distant mountain that they could see in the distance from Desert Hot Springs. The sky lit up like the 4th of July with brilliant bombs of crystals that rained all over the land. The people returned to their village only see the warning and note left by Mr. Borden. “ Beware, I am watching you. If you make war I will erupt again and kill everyone in the city because I will rain volcanic bombs, ash, rock onto your city. I will also ooze the clumpy sticky high silica lava onto the ground so plants cannot grow there for 100 years“.
The villages have lived in peace for many years. The village named the mountain, Mt Borden. It is said that the ground will shake because of the great Bear that lives inside, and will scream and roar because of the giant panther that is inside of it if Mt. Borden becomes angry. Mt Borden has not erupted in many years but sits brooding on the edge of the village waiting in silence for revenge.

(690 words) spell checked and is related to volcanic eruptions

Ramiro – Since your mother called me – I looked up what you are missing again! You are missing:
200 words on the rock cycle,Rock cycle handouts, and a picture describing sea floor spreading. You also must complete a project this week about a standard and write 250 words describing the standard. I showed you examples in class. I suggested the rock cycle since you must write about it anyways. You also missed standard 3 test. Good Luck! MR B



  1. Mr. Borden my brother and I want to do our project together over spring break and I know you said we had to do different standards, but we were wondering if we made two volcanoes and wrote two separate papers about the volcanoes would that be accepted for full credit…?

    • It just needs to be on separate standards. You may place volcanoes around a pacific plate and shopwn the boundary movement as well as the colcanic eruptions and earthquake zones. it is possible. The volcano standard requires that you build 2 volcanoes – one with gentle slopes and voluminous lava and they other with steep slopes and explosive, high silica lava ( granite) Try the rock cycle

    • ok 2 good volcanoes of different types

  2. Thank yuu Mr. Borden!!!!

  3. mr.borden i have my written legend r we putting it on our web site tomorrow?

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