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Volcanic Eruptions

Watch the video and comment for EC points . Be specific! Volcano Cams
Volcano Eruption Simulation

Week 3 March Page Mrb
Thursday/Friday 1st draft due Monday 200 pointsYou will create a 2 page or 500+ word short story that reveals how Volcanic eruptions occur. Legends about volcanoes address personification but do not indicate a specific tone. You must address tone in your short story. (See English Teacher @ Tone) Add a page for your Volcano Legend on your website. Create a picture that accurately depicts a Volcanic eruption. Label and color picture
Tone is created by:

Character Antagonist/Archenemy · Deuteragonist · False protagonist · Focal character · Foil character · Protagonist · Supporting character · Tritagonist · Viewpoint character

Plot Climax · Conflict · Dénouement · Dialogue · Dramatic structure · Exposition · Falling action · Plot device · Subplot

Setting Dystopia · Fictional country · Fictional location · Fictional universe · Utopia

Theme Leitmotif · Moral · Motif

Style Diction · Figure of speech · Imagery · Literary technique · Narrative mode · Stylistic device · Suspension of disbelief · Symbolism · Tone

Form Fable · Fairy tale · Flash story · Hypertext · Novel · Novella · Play · Poem · Screenplay · Short story · List of narrative forms

Genre Adventure · Comic · Crime · Docufiction · Epistolary · Erotic · Faction · Fantasy · Historical · Horror · Magic realism · Mystery · Paranoid · Philosophical · Political · Romance · Saga · Satire · Science · Speculative · Superhero · Thriller · Urban

Narrator Alternating person · First-person · Second-person · Third-person · Third-person limited · Third-person objective · Third-person omniscient · Third-person subjective · Stream of consciousness · Unreliable

Tense Past tense · Present tense · Future tense

Related Audience · Author · Fiction writing · Creative nonfiction · Literary theory · Narrative structure · Narratology · Other narrative modes · Rhetoric · Storytelling

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  1. the essay hah i have a good idea but cant think how to write it any ideas

  2. i tried to watch the videos but none of them would work that and 1 is not valid anymore

  3. violent volcanoes showed many different volcanoes. It showed them bursting out rocks and lava. It had pictures of volcanoes with the volcanis ash and big cloud, and they had pictures of the land around the volcano when it was done erupting.

  4. Mt. Saint helens erupted May 18,1980. The eruption was the biggest in its history. It destroyed homes, trees, and other things in its area. Mt. saint helens elevation was in the 9,000 and after it erupted it wa in the 8,000. There was a giant ash cloud that became 80,000 feet in 15 min.

  5. This Was very interesting!!!! ;D

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