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Students know how energy is released during an Earthquake and the scales used to measure their intensity and magnitude.
watch the video and describe how Earthquakes magnitudes are measured for 25 EC points

Write about an online field trip


P waves
S waves

Link to last years blog

2 suns in china


Quiz 3d

1) Describe the difference between the focus and epicenter of an earthquake
2) Describe the difference between the terms, seismologist, seismograph, seismogram, and seismic waves
3) Describe the 3 types of seismic waves
4) What is the difference in magnitude between a 4.0 and a 7.0 Earthquake?
5) Describe how a seismologist pinpoints the epicenter of an earthquake
6) What seismic waves cause the ground to roll in waves?
7) On the Mercalli scale what number would rolling waves on the surface be listed as?
8) Name 5 items you should have in an earthquake preparedness kit
9) Explain the similarities and differences between the Richter and Moment magnitude scales
10) If you were building a house near DHS (San Andreas fault) what precautions would you take to limit potential damage



  1. are the surface waves
    completly different from
    s waves and p waves?

    • Yes, Surface waves release energy outward creating damage on Earths surface

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