Posted by: mrborden | February 17, 2011

Plate Boundaries 3B

Week 1 march Plateboundaries Voicethread
Need 50 EC points? Comment on the voicethread and answer the 3 questions about platetectonics, by commenting using text, phone, or voice. You must sign up to comment

1) Draw or Place labels onto the picture that indicates Divergent (D), Convergent (C), and Trandform Fault Boundaries
2)Label All major Plates,

3) Then draw fossils that Wegener used to discover the theory of Platetectonics onto your map

4) use grid pg 293 to draw latitute and longitude lines onto your map

5) Use data to plot the location of 20 volcanoes onto your map. Mapping plate boundaries Data
Watch Video

Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle
Rock Cycle notes



  1. I thought the video didn’t fully help me to understand contintial drift and plate tectonics however, it did help me obtain more information on the topic than what I knew before

    • Well Robbie, Rome was not built in a day and if you understood more than you did yesterday – Good Job. You really need to finish your ocean web site and you could embed a video that explains continental drift and platetectonics better on your site! I added another video for you!

  2. ummm mr. borden..? am i supposed to make yet another account to post a voicethread..?
    sorry im writing about this as a comment on these videos..(ill go back to them in a little) hahh

    • yes, you need a voicethread account

  3. i did not know that volcanoes are formed that way.

  4. i didn’t now volcanoes were made from small cracks.

    • cool you learned something

  5. hi mr borden! i dont really understand the voice thread thing and my dad is crazy you should call him up and say the world will not end on 2012!

    • well I am not a prophet so I cannot say for sure, but I think the chance of earth ending in 2012 is unlikely. Solar storms, earthquakes, maybe another tsunami but no end of world. Tell your father I am more afraid of N. Korea and Iran blowing the world up than a cataclysmic event on Dec 21, 2012 during the galactic alignment. I think you need to keep studying hard to go to college in 2015. Can I bet him? I guess I wont have to pay if He is right!

  6. hmmm…. very interesting (:

  7. this help me understand more about this standard

    • cool, good job jessica!

  8. mr borden!!
    where are the questions for the paper we need to turn in tomorrow…? -.-

    • on the mrbordenocean site

  9. Hey Mr. Borden, What is the standard for the volcano project?

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