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Sea Floor Spreading

Name 3 important features of the Ocean Floor, who Harry Hess is? What is the Mid Ocean Ridge?

What is Alvin? What did it discover?
You will create a 2 minute video explaining a standard and post it onto your website that you created for the ocean standards.
You may use powerpint/w music, windows movie maker, imovie, garage band or whatever program can accomplish mixing words, pictures, videos, and teaches others about the content standard. EC video will be made about how to make a positive difference in the lives of others. see contest information for PSUSD.
plates371 plates372 plates373 plates374 plates375
Podcasts on Platetectonics and Sea Floor Spreading rofquestions
Volcano Cameras

Magnetic Reversals

Digicom 2011

Project – Due February 28, 2011

Quiz part 1

1) How many active volcanoes surround the ring of fire?
2) What feature is associated with a continental plate converging with an oceanic plate?
3) Who discovered the theory of continental drift? What year?
4) Name 3 types of evidence Wegener used to prove the theory of continetal drift?
5) Who discovered Sea floor Spreading?
6) Where are the youngest rocks found on the ocean floor?
7) If the lithospheric plates are always moving due to heat by convection rising from the mantle in a slab pull direction, then where will Cathedral City High School be located in 100 million year s?
8) What country was Alfred Wegener from?
9) Name the 7 continents that exist today?
10) Name all the continents that were on earth 250 million years ago?

Part 2
;Color coded continents



  1. An alvin is a submirsible that was created because it can reach some of the deepest parts of the ocean. The alvin discovered mineral barring lava formations that were recently created on the ocean floor.

    • Excellent analysis Ashley!

  2. Harry Hess was a geology professor at prensten university, and a navy resevidence. The mid ocean ridge is a 12,000 mile long mountain ridge known as the mid alantic ridge. Some important features of the ocean floor are….
    1) Continetial drift.
    2) Sea- floor spreading.
    3) The earths magnetic field.

  3. Mr. Borden i made a new website its oceanangel1

    • Thank you – now write words that describe what we are learning in class on separate pages for each topic!

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