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Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles

Distribution of Marine Organisms
2 scan0050
Friday is computer Lab/ Please behave and refrain from using profanity. No eating or drinking allowed!
#1 Vote

Go to and sign in a create a website
Name the website oceanlastnamefirstname ie. oceanbordenmr
Go to Ocean chapter 15Take the quiz on the ocean and post your results on your website
You got 10 out of 10 correct. Then visit 3 sites from the Online Field Trip Site for chapter 15
Write 200 words on the front page of your website about the sites you visited and what you learned by this experience, then Paste a picture of the ocean topography and the standards
5d. Students know properties of ocean water, such as temperature and salinity, can be used to explain the layered structure of the oceans, the generation of horizontal and vertical ocean currents, and the geographic distribution of marine organisms.
7a. Students know the carbon cycle of photosynthesis and respiration and the nitrogen cycle.
7b. Students know the global carbon cycle: the different physical and chemical forms of carbon in the atmosphere, oceans, biomass, fossil fuels, and the movement of carbon among these reservoirs.
#4 add a page titled Sea floor spreading (will be used later in the month)
#5 Go to voicethread and post a comment about what you consider to be the most important part of the carbon cycle and why



  1. uumm…borden did i do my website rite?? the name is oceanrocha hopefully i did it rite these time!!!(:


    HERES THE LINK DONE, now dont call my parents ha.

    • ok np

    • When you have an A in this class it may become what your email address states

  3. oceanleonmiriam my website.

  4. i’m doing my website this time, hahaha.

  5. I was reading your web page one day that had the story of a quartite rock telling its life story. I can’t find this video again. please help.

    • it is on the rock cycle blog. Thanks for asking

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