Posted by: mrborden | December 2, 2010

Weather Forecast and Projects

Weather and Atmosphere Standards: 4-5 People per group or you may work with less people.
1) Computer Station – You will complete the assignment located at Due Dec 17th
2) Atmosphere Quiz – 10 questions + page 557 28-31 and page 590 1-7 Dec 9
3) Solar Radiation Lab – Instruction sheet provided Due by Dec 9
4) Weather Forecast – 3 minutes you may use any means to tape your recording.
a) Your forecast must include the following words used properly in a forecast: radiation or solar radiation, greenhouse effect, temperature inversion, smog, high/low temperatures, cold front
b) Your forecast must include a map that contains at least 4 cities, high/low temperatures for each city, cloud cover and wind speeds, 2 fronts, 3 forms of precipitation, and
Due by the first week in January: You will complete the script in class by Dec



  1. (——- My Wiki Site

    • Thank you Raymond it looks great!


    my website, i couldn’t get into the groups so i made my own.

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