Posted by: mrborden | March 13, 2010

Earthquake Preparedness Kit

San Andreas faultline
We live very near the San Andreas faultline and Everyone that lives here should be mindful of the threat of a potential major earthquake striking the Coachella Valley. I told the students that I predict that there will be a big Earthquake 6.o or above near us within the next 5 years. My intent is to not scare students but make them aware of potential threats from natural disasters. I have asked students to devise a plan for their families in case the electricity is out and there are no phones available. I also mentioned that there will be a Solar Maximum in 2012 that might affect satelites and communications. We discussed the weakened magnetosphere and the upcoming magnetic reversal of the poles. We discussed the galactic alignment. Many students have voiced concerns and possible outcomes for the year 2012 which I have dismissed as Hollywood propaganda. I have researched this topic in detail, and have tried to reassure students that the allignment of 2012 will be like 11:59:59 on a clock the second will mark a new day and not the end of mankind. Students are very interested in this topic and are often mis-informed as to what a galactic alignment and 2012 is all about. Mayan’s today do not think much of the 13th baktun and believe it will be just another day. Scientists have projected a much greater chance of a solar flare hitting Earth’s magnetosphere, but the most damage that could do to us is to knock out satelites and cell phones. Fear makes money and many programs on TV are targeted at audiences that will not investigate the truths of each statement but take statements made by some scientists as fact. No Scientisit is 100% accurate about future predictions. Who can really predict the future and Students must prepare for their own futures and not a future hypothesized by Tv producers bent on making a buck. I encourage Parents and Students to participate in a discussion on any science topic including 2012. Meanwhile, students and parents should make basic preparations and plans if an emergency does happen regardless of the reason since we do live so close to a major faultline.
How to shut off the gas to your house!!!


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