Posted by: mrborden | January 11, 2010

Journey to the bottom of the Ocean

You are a 30 year old Marine biologist on a Navy ship with the task of mapping the ocean floor. You must also map the various ocean zones (surface, open ocean, deep) as to temperature, salinity and marine organisms  Your post is a letter to your 8 year old son on how you plan to get the job done. Include your method of travel to the ocean floor, problems encountered, and the organisms that you saw along the way. make it exciting so he would want to read it.

Comment or reply, as if you were the son/daughter, to 2 other classmates letters for more EC. 

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  1. Dear son/daughter im sorry i havent been home. But im going to tell you about what im doing on my trip. Im going to the bottem of the ocean in a big metal boat that can go under watter. On my to the bottem of the ocean the pressure of the watter starts to make the ship make clanking noises. I also ran into watter currents that caused the ship to rock. After all that nonsence we saw beautiful fish of all sorts blue fish,red fish,gold fish and mutch more.Finally we made it to the bottem! I felt the sides of the ship it was freezing cold. And it was varry dark but there was reefs and loads of plants. Anywho sorry i had to make this breef son/daughter i have to go and take pictures.

  2. Awesome job, +20pts
    1 suggeston, try writing your reponse using a word or works document so you could check your spelling and grammar, then cut and paste the response into this blog

    • Good job.

  3. Dear KIDD;;
    How ya doing.? Well i wish i could be home but im doing more exciting work(: Im at the bottom of the ocean.! now isnt that fun.! 🙂 Well let me tell you what its like down here.!
    The pressure is really high. I see many fishes and i found my favorite puffer fish. Its so cool im going to get one for our house, with more fishes.! I met a shark named Bruce oh and i met a sea turtle that is 120 years old, isn’t that amazing. I saw Nemo, Marlin,&&dory. And they are so cool. One day im going to bring here so you can meet them. 😀
    I finaly made it to the bottom its so dark and there are many of beautiful plants. Im going to go take some pictures and finish my job. That i dont even know what exactly im doing. lol. (: So yeah take care && see you soon.! 🙂
    Love Always
    Your mommy,
    -Ashley<3 (:

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