Posted by: mrborden | November 20, 2009

Get Better Grades on Tests?

 I challenge you to watch and play the 2 jeopardy games and the Are you smarter than a 5th grader (located at the main page powerpoints) on your own twice or study the notes you wrote in class for 2 hour on Monday Night: For 20 points EC Post a comment about how well you you think you will do on the test after studying the night before. Predict how many questions you will get right out of 25 questions. I will tell you your score before you leave on Tuesday. Post another comment or revise the first comment over the holiday. Did you meet or exceed your prediction? Why?



  1. yes i will get 25/25 right

  2. I think i will get 100/25 right, cause i will get more than 25 right cause thats how smart I (AshleyIreneCarrillo) is.! 😀

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