Posted by: mrborden | November 15, 2009

Carbon Dioxide Levels

You are the President of the United States and the congress has told you that they will pass 3 laws that help to reduce carbon dioxide emission levels. You must recommend 3 new laws reducing CO2 levels and explain why they would reduce Co2 emission levels.

Respond to 2 of your classmates posts to recieve an additional 10 pts EC or research the websites below and post a comment conerning what you read. rate the website article from 1-5 5 being best in your blog. Does it explain the topic or objective that we have learned in class?



  1. I will 1st eliminate hair sprays and all aerosol cans. I will make everyone buy a hybrid car within 3 years. All citizens of the US must plant a tree.

  2. President Felipe anounces the following changes to the United States
    1) No more aerosol cans –
    2) Reduce the amount of hamburgers produced and sold
    3) hybrid cars within 2 years

  3. 1) Use alternate fuel sources
    2) solar powered cars
    3) reduce factory emissions and less chemicals

  4. 1) stop deforrestation
    2) electric cars
    3) plant more trees

  5. 1) alternate fuels
    2) bikes instead of cars
    3) save the oceans – and seaweed

  6. 1) reduce the usage of aerosol cans
    2) use alternate fuel sources
    3) stop cutting down trees

  7. 1) reduce cars
    2) tax factories that create pollution
    3) pay people to ride bikes, instead of cars

    • how will you get around if we have less cars. taxing the factories that make our products they would just raise the price on the items it would be wours for us in this teerible economy. in this economy we cant pay people to use their bikes the gov would go even more broke

  8. 1) reduce cars
    2) tax factories that create pollution
    3) pay people to ride bikes, instead of cars

  9. 1)less cars
    2)less aerosal cans
    3)more trees

  10. 1-less cars to pollute
    2-plant more trees or stop cutting them down
    3-dont cook alot of hamburgers

  11. i would have people stop takeing cars
    i would have them uese bikes
    and i would have them take the bus

    • Humans and society cannot stop using cars. If everyone used bikes, I guess we wouldnt go to fast food restaurants as often. Plan on getting more buses – How about a more sophisticated system of travel. Suggest?

  12. 1) no more cows – eat chicken
    2) all people that live within a 5 mile radius of work must ride a bike or walk
    3) everyone must plant at least 1 tree

    • excellent suggestions and compromise to others

  13. 1) car pools are mandatory
    2) use alternate fuels
    3) reduce paper products

  14. 1) reduce car use
    2) eliminate aerosol cans
    3) reduce pollution – recycle

  15. 1) make less facterys 2) no more haur sprays 3)plant more trees

  16. 1) use solar panels
    2) move cows to an island – alcatraz
    3) use a balloon to engulf the gases coming out of smoke stacks

    • interesting ideas how do you plan to do #2 and #3


  18. 1) use hybrids
    2) stop smoking
    3) plug the gases coming out of cows

    • seriously , read above post about smoking. #3 Dont tell me about your plan – sounds messy

  19. 1) plant more trees
    2) stop forrest fires
    3) stop polluting the oceans

  20. 1) reduce the price of solar energy and panels
    2) separate cows from large packs
    3) use electric cars instread of gas cars

  21. 1) limit electricity use
    2) limit industrial vehicles
    3) limit the amount beans being eaten

  22. 1) no hairsparay allowed
    2) close factories
    3) exercise more

    • candace,
      Aerosol cans release CFC’s into the atmosphere, not all hair sprays. Pump sprays are ok to use. Since Earth turns every 24 hours, factories in other countries pollute the atmosphere and we do not have any more jobs. 3rd how would exercising more decrease CO2 emissions?

  23. 1) dont smoke marijuana
    2) stop driving cars
    3) grow more plants
    whoo mr.bordan is AWSOME
    dont do drugs stay in skewl ahhh jk jk

    • refer to comment to Juan concerning smoke.
      You are awesome also!

  24. 1) limit factories
    2) limit cars
    3) limit cows
    4) plant more trees

  25. 1) no more gasoline
    2) carpool
    3) stop talking

  26. 1) for every person 3trees should be planted
    2)no more factories
    3)Car pool

  27. 1) Everyone shouild have at least 6 trees around there home
    2) Everyone should have solar panels.
    3) Car pool everytime you go to work!

  28. 1) No more factories
    2) use solar panels
    3) conserve water

  29. 1) no smoking weed 2) stop killing trees 3) stop killing animals

    • 1ST, I am glad that you do not believe in drugs use. 2nd, While smoke from cigarettes/marijuana can be toxic to other people it is not a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions. 3rd, killing animals has nothing to do with carbon dioxide emissions as discussed in class. Animals produce carbon dioxide but not in significant amounts to increase atmospheric carbon dioxide.

  30. 1) car pools
    2) no more hairspray
    3) limit big trucks
    4) become vegatarians

    • if evry one car pooled their be no cars how would we do our are hare if we limit the big trucks we have to pae the ones hwo dilliver stuff in big trucks more not alot of people like vegtables

  31. 1)no smoking
    2) limit cows
    3) limit gases from factories

    • how would we moniter the no smoking rule also if we limit cows what will we eat

      if we limit their gases theil limit their product and they will be more ex pensive

  32. 1) reduce cow population to mini cows
    2) grow more seaweed in the ocean
    3) more mass extinctions

    • So we can let “Jack” bring his mini cows to our neighborhood?
      #2 excellent and interesting suggestion, seed the ocean #3 You obviously saw the movie 2012 this weekend, which is not based on sound scientific data – it is a movie not real. Mass extinctions are happening right now in the rain forest in South America and some areas of the ocean. Mass extinctions usually have climatic consequences somtimes more extreme than the previous era.

  33. 1 less cars
    2 stop deforestation
    3 plant more trees

  34. 1 less cars
    2 more trees
    3 stop deforestation

  35. 1 plant 2 or 3 trees for every one tree you cut down
    2 car pool for less gases
    3 stop using aerosol cans
    4 use water as substitute for gasolines…some reports said that it uses hydrogen power and does not give out dirty smokes…)

    • excellent suggestions , hydrogen power is presently too expensive to produce but soon it will not be. Great job researching alternate energy types.

  36. 1.Send cows to the moon
    2.plant plants
    3.make cars illegal

  37. . stop wasting paper

    .no more gas in cars
    . reduce methane exposure

  38. We have too many cows to send to the moon in the United States. So if I ask, “Where’s the beef?”
    will be on the moon?
    Can you plant plants in a planter without getting planterphaciitis?
    #3 And use what for transportation?

  39. Anyone who did not get a response was because the comments partially met the objective. No one told me why these 3 laws would reduce CO2. Some were obvious, while others I had no clue what you suggested.
    I tried to provide feedback when the answers were either: way off the objective, impractical, or I needed further clarification.
    See if You can respond to someone else’s post. Be respectful or your comment will not be posted and you will receive no points for this assignment.

  40. ummmmmmmmmmmm
    1.make aerosol cans illeqal
    2.plant about 3 trees for one tooken down
    3.limit cars or use hybirdies 😀

    • why would you make them illigal
      people wouldhave to waiste moneey

      then not enough people would have their cars

  41. 1)plant more trees
    2)save energy
    3)try to stop all fire’s

  42. 1}move cows away,no more cows.
    2} plant alot of tress every where.
    3}walk or use bike,skatebored for small distance

  43. 1)move cows to a different planet

    2)stop usage of spay cans.

    3)plant more sea weed in the ocean. 😀

    • if whe moved cows to adifrent planet what would hapen to our economy their would be no more fast food places and how do you plant see weed in the ocean

  44. What i would do if i were president. I would increase the amount of plants on the planet,qwarntine cows from massive ozone holes,and STOP the use of gas cars and use hybrid’s. According to Oborden, “Because Our generation faces the greatest moral and political crisis in human history. Will we take the steps necessary to avert catastrophic global warming or will we doom ourselves to a new Dark Ages in a world that is biologically and economically impoverished and defined by ever diminishing quality of life. Extreme global warming could give us a future where erratic and chaotic weather, rising sea levels, and melting snowpack usher in an epic of drought, crop failure, famine, flood and mass extinctions — and the political instability that invariably accompanies dwindling resources. Millions of environmental refugees uprooted by these calamities will challenge the existence of democracy, freedom, justice and human dignity in every corner of the globe. Our grandchildren may look longingly at our era as the apex of civilization and human progress.”

    Oborden, M (2009) Some site off the internet, I cant find. Cathedral City, Ca: Arthur4all Press

    • Excellent points Arthur – It is too bad that most of your statement is not yours. You must use a reference if you are going to cut and paste or copy words or ideas from a textbook. It is definitly ok to use a passage to explain your idea, you must reference it and give the author credit. Your first statement was excellent, so indent like this:

      “Because Our generation faces the greatest moral and political crisis in human history. Will we take the steps necessary to avert. etc”

      Last Name, first name or first inital, year written, name of text or article, city written ,publisher of book
      Pincus, M. (2005). Managing difficult students. Avon, MA: Adams Media

      ps I fixed your reply, but you should re-edit and place the proper reference in place of President Oborden An excellent learning opportunity !

  45. haha ok then

  46. I believe the Earth is heating up according to scientists.
    “Preventing Earth’s average temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels requires limiting carbon emissions to no more than 1 trillion metric tons. The two-degree limit comes from the most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a way to reduce the risks of severe impacts from a warming climate.”
    retrieved from:
    on Nov. 19th 2009

    • Awesome job Robert! You did reference correctly. More EC
      Keep up the great work, and you picked a good article.

  47. 1) not use gas
    2) eat more vegatables
    3) cut down meat production

  48. 1) eat less cow
    2) no aerosol cans
    3) use a fuel other than gas

  49. 1) use a bike instead of a car
    2) carpool
    3) stop creating forest fires

  50. 1) use a different type of fuel
    2) stop cutting down trees
    3) use bikes or scooters

  51. 1) no smoking because it causes fires
    2) walk or use bikes for transportation
    3) limit aerosol cans

  52. 1) stop deforestation
    2) no more aerosol cans
    3) make electric cars or solar power

  53. 1) dont use cars
    2) reduce smoke from factories
    3) eat more fish

  54. 1) plant more trees and plants
    2) electric powered cars
    3) eat more fish

  55. 1) eat more frijoles
    2) kill all cows
    3) less factories

  56. 1) no smoke
    2) no chemicals for cars
    3) dont cut trees down

  57. 1.Plant more plants
    2.No more gas cars
    3.Less spray paint

  58. 1) change cars to hybrids
    2) recycle more
    3) Use pump sprays

  59. 1) reduce energy in the house
    2) walk more instead of driving short distances
    3) close factories

  60. iwould stop using cars make them stop smoking pot and use cars danemit gas vapors

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