Posted by: mrborden | November 1, 2009

Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen

What is the most important element for life to exist? Why



  1. Carbon – because carbon is in all life forms

  2. Carbon because we are made up of carbon

  3. Carbon- because we use carbon and were made up of carbon.


  5. i love the earth homies and cholas

  6. carbon whithout it we could not live

  7. we could not live whith out it because that is mostly what we breathe and we would have no plants whith out it and if we have no plants the animals cant eat and wead have no meat and if we dont have animals that eat plants what will the meat eaters eat what would we eat we could also die of starvasion we would not be able to breath whith out that gas our normal evry day lives would not run as smothly and would be maid impossable

  8. Well you see mr.borden
    -Carbon Dioxide is why we be here.
    -Oxygen is mostly what we breath also with nitrogen & carbon.
    -Nitrogen is acid but we still inhale it.!

    Its soo confusingg. haaha.

  9. Well Mr.Borden we need all 3 elements for life to survive but in my opinion CO2 is the most important because without CO2 the plants and trees wouldn’t be able to produce oxygen and without oxygen we wont be alive.

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